For Employers

Message to Our Employer Partners

The Columbia Engineering Graduate Career Placement Team is here to support all of your hiring needs.  Please reach out to us to discuss new ways to collaborate and identify the right talent for your organization. We also invite employers to engage with our talented engineers and scientists directly through Columbia Engineering Career Connect.

Our team serves all graduate students and alumni (MS and PhD) of Columbia Engineering. This includes 18 distinct MS programs and 13 PhD programs in various disciplines of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Get Involved

Interested in hiring our engineers and scientists? The best way to recruit our students and alumni is to post a position on Columbia Engineering Career Connect. You're also welcome to contact our Graduate Career Placement team to discuss your specific hiring needs. If you want to hire from a specific program, you can contact that program's dedicated placement officer.

Our Employer Expo is an excellent way to recruit and connect with our talented engineers across our 18 distinct MS programs and 13 PhD programs in various disciplines of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Learn more about our upcoming events and how to sign up!

One of the most effective ways to engage our students is to meet them. We have many different avenues, including: information sessions, career fairs, office hours, industry round tables and showcases, panels, and on-campus interviews. We have also facilitated office visits (virtual and physical), and career talks. Please contact our team for details.

The Professional Development and Leadership (PDL) program’s goal is to enhance the Columbia Engineering education by providing enrichment and development opportunities. The PDL program takes a number of forms at Columbia Engineering including sessions featuring leading industry professionals. For more information, contact us.

Real-world, hands-on experience is valuable to our students. Many of our programs feature courses to specifically allow students to immediately engage with industry clients to solve their business and operational challenges. Students select projects to gain industry experience while taking courses. Contact Dr. Jenny Mak at [email protected] to get started.